A Peek into Google DialogFlow CX


Pages instead of context


  • An entry dialogue — defines the agent’s response when a page is active
  • Parameters — just like ES agent, parameters are used to collect useful data points from users, such as date of departure, cabin class, etc.
  • Routes — a type of state handler, which helps control the conversation by creating responses for end-users and/or by transitioning the current page. There are two types of routes: Intent requirement, Condition requirement. When the route requirement is fulfilled, e.g. an intent is matched or a condition is fulfilled, you can configure the flow or page transition.

Visual graphs instead of text forms

Create your first flow
Design your first flow

Other enhanced features

  • Explicit error event handling built-in to your agent
  • Complex and powerful event handlers
  • Handling conditional responses with routes

More robust production-ready features

  • Up to 100 agents instead of 1 per project
  • Recommended to use CX edition to design complex agents
  • Simplified pricing and quotas — CX charges by conversation sessions compared to more complex tiered usage-based charge in ES edition




I am not a coder, but I like solving problems programmably

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Aaron Yu

Aaron Yu

I am not a coder, but I like solving problems programmably

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